Alma project is an architecture and design studio established in Barcelona, founded in 2018 by Mariana Larentis and Alberto Medina after several years working together.

The studio specializes in interior architecture and develops projects for housing, retail, restaurants, hotels and bars.

Alma Project is characterized by creating spaces that provoke emotions. With special attention to detail, with innovative solutions and a careful selection of materials, it responds to the wishes and needs of the client, making each project unique.

«Entendemos que para crear un proyecto exitoso donde haya equilibrio entre diseño y función se requiere tiempo y pasión, por lo que siempre estamos totalmente comprometidos con cada uno de los proyectos que entran en nuestra oficina, sin importar el tamaño».

Mariana Larentis has a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from the PUC-RS University of Brazil and has a Master's degree from UPC Barcelona. She has acquired her professional experience working internationally with an emphasis on the design of private homes, restaurants, bars, and hotels.

She brings the tropical soul and passion for nature through the use of colors and natural materials that remind us of sunny beaches and lush nature. Mariana prints that relaxed character of the Brazilian lifestyle, in addition to the taste for simplicity and beauty of the Scandinavian design acquired after passing through Stockholm.

Her tropical warmth combined with her Nordic influence always creates something functionally intelligent and aesthetically pleasing.

Alberto Medina has a degree in Superior Architecture from the UPC and acquired a passion for interior design working with the best designers in the country. He has extensive experience in the world of commercial and residential design.

He brings the mediterranean soul and the taste for the traditional reflected in the beauty of the noble and timeless materials. Alberto prints the taste for details, the subtlety and refinement of the most classic design.

Always inspired by past times and the heritage of the mediterranean culture creating spaces of great beauty and harmony.



Somos especialistas en el diseño de viviendas, restaurantes, oficinas, hoteles, tiendas y cualquier diseño personalizado. Analizamos profundamente tus necesidades para proyectar un espacio singular.


On demand, we manage the entire construction process so you don't have to worry about a thing. We process licenses, negotiate budgets with industrialists and suppliers, manage and direct the work from start to finish.


Do you have a home, office or premises and what you need is to personalize it? We search and manage the purchase of furniture, textiles, lighting, decorative elements and we take care of styling.